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About Us

About Us

PakHabit founded with the aim to serve & encourage natural way of living in the precious life of Humankind. We are trying to provide natural energy from natural resources by the grace of Almighty Allah.

Specifically, for the Muslims, we are working hard to manage general items in accordance with Islamic Laws. We believe in Islamic Laws that are implementable till the end of this World. Because these laws have been made by the creator of the whole Universe.

We are already very far away from the Natural and Healthy Foods. One of the main PakHabit’s objective is to deliver natural, organic and healthy food all over the world.

Sometimes, in the production of organic food, we do farming practices, but we use only natural substances. We avoid all kind of pasteurization, artificial flavors, chemicals, hormones, antibiotics or any modified organisms.

Almighty Allah gives us and we deliver to all!

PakHabit is a Pakistani fast-growing online e-commerce store that deals in premium 100% natural honey, organic foods, authentic Islamic products, books, fragrance & incense, fitness tools, kitchen accessories and more…

We are working to expand by bringing more organic, natural and healthy products in near future. Insha’Allah.

PakHabit – Honey

PakHabit’s Flagship product is 100% Pure Natural Honey from the Valleys of Kashmir, Karak and Best Places of Pakistan, where the World’s most natural & delicious honey formed by honey bees.

Naturally, all kinds of Honey have some common properties and effects. However, few honey types have enhanced characteristics. The aroma, taste, color and effect of honey depends on which flowers/fruits the bees have extracted the nectar from.

Particularly, Pakistan’s Valley of Karak and surrounding area Host world’s oldest and largest Sidr Tree Forests. The quality and taste of this Sidr Honey is so good that it has been considered as the finest honey around the World.

PakHabit Honey is 100% Natural, unadulterated, unpasteurized, unheated and possesses all requirements to retain Honey in its Natural Form.

Note: Our Honey Bees get Nectar from Flowers and make honey in its Natural form. We do not feed sugar substance or anything like that to our Honey bees.