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Importance of Healthy & Organic Food

Importance of Healthy & Organic Food


This article provides the importance of healthy & organic food we should eat in our everyday life and avoid unhealthy & unnatural foods.

Importance of Healthy & Organic Food

For a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet is very much important for you to remain healthy and fit. Healthy and organic food is so important for our body and it provides us the nutrients and energy to develop and grow, to be active and healthy, to play, work and learn. Foods are so much important for our body and mental health because every food contains specific nutrition such as protein, minerals, carbohydrates, and vitamins etc. Nutrients are very necessary for our mental & physical growth.

Our eating habits directly control our health. In our busy schedules and fast lives, we often end up eating what is unhealthy for our health and body, rather than what is healthy. Many people want to eat unhealthy foods just to please their taste bud and are unaware about the risks of eating unhealthy food that it can be dangerous for our healthy lifestyle.

Effects of Wrong Eating Habits

Choosing unhealthy and wrong kind of food can cause many major or minor effects on our health and body such as excessive weight gain within a short span of time, or fatness, diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure, low weight, weak bones or maybe even slow brain development. Unfortunately, many of us prefers bad eating habits and choose cheap options like fast foods, canned foods and frozen oven foods. It is Important to eat healthy and eat right in order to stay healthy.

Why should we eat Healthy Food?

Eating healthy foods does not only mean to have boiled meals, eating less or staying away from those foods having Fat. Eating healthy foods or habit of healthy foods means nutritious eating, that is eating everything in specific amount and in a right way. Moreover, children should also be given a mix type of foods and drinks because this is the best age for mental and physical development for them. Eating heavy amount of unnecessary and unhealthy food might affect their health & body.

  • Eating healthy provides the essential nutrients to our body with the right amount of energy to do our daily work and stay fit all day long.
  • To increase our height steadily with age, healthy food is needed to inspire the growth hormones.
  • Healthy food is also needed for the working of our system. Healthy foods having all the nutrients are necessary for us. They can cause brain cells and body cells to actively run and perform their task.
  • Healthy food improves your immune system, preventing you from falling sick easily. A strong immunity fights against all disease containing bacteria and viruses.
  • Eating healthy food can also help you maintaining your body and you won’t be gaining extra weight.

Drink More Water

Drinking water seems like an easy task for us, but we should drink at least eight cups of water every day. Water is mostly important for us during summers because doing work or remains active in the sun or any other hotter places releases water from our body in the form of Sweat. It is better to keep a reusable water bottle with you while you are on work. Drink more water if you are severe ill or sick. 


The Almighty Allah has created many foods that have many benefits for our body to build by containing important nutrients, so we remain active and fit.

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