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Health is wealth but Wealth is not Health!

Health is wealth but Wealth is not Health!

Men spend their most valuable and precious time to become wealthy so that they can get their desired comfortable lifestyle. But this wealth is only good and enjoyable if you are having a good health. Because without health you can’t utilize your money for yourself except taking medicines & awful treatments.

Health or Wealth, both are wonderful gifts from Almighty Allah. We should care these things by doing exactly whatever our creator Almighty Allah wants from us and we should keep away from those things which have been forbidden by our Almighty Allah.

If your wealth makes you bad, and keeping you away from the blessing of Almighty Allah, it’s meant this type of wealth is actually not wealthy for you. It is a worse punishment to you from your creator Almighty Allah.

So, importantly, if you are not doing according what your creator Almighty Allah wants from you. Review your mind, heart & work today!

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